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Roman Blinds

A Roman blind can offer an elegance and richness similar to curtains or drapes and are ideal when curtains or drapes are not feasible; particularly for small windows. They are a wonderful option when you want the practical function of a blind, but the elegance of using a soft fabric as you would with drapery and curtains. 

卷帘1 32.jpg
卷帘1 38.jpg

What do We provide?

Our Roman blinds can be made with block-out fabric or in a translucent (light filtering) style. We have several operating options for our romans;

1. Choose your fabric and style (100% Blockout or Light Filter).

2. Manual or Smart shading solution ( Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Tuya )

3. Small order can be accepted.

4. Can make customer's logo on the surface of Product.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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